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Funeral Floristry - funeral flower arrangements

Stylish occasions provide flower arrangements for funerals across Kent and the South-east. Browse through our funeral floristry arrangements and give us a call. We custom make all of our flowers to suit each customer.

Not sure what you want? Let our specialist florists advise you.

all-white-single-ended-oasis-spray-with-stems blue-and-white-funeral-single-ended-oasis-spray blue-and-white-single-ended-oasis-spray chrysanth-mum-with-red-rose-sprays chrysanth-name-joe-with-blue-flower-spray chrysanth-name-joe-with-blue-green-sprays chrysanth-name-mum-with-red-rose-spray chrysanth-name-uncle-with-blue-flower-sprays funeral-all-white-single-ended-oasis-spray-with-stems funeral-flowers-all-white-single-ended-oasis-spray-with-stems funeral-single-ended-oasis-spray gate-of-heaven-white-blue gate-of-heaven-white-blue_funeral gates-of-heaven-funeral-white-blue circle of life flowers funeral book funeral book funeral book red purple funeral bus funeral bus funeral bus funeral bus funeral dad funeral flowers funeral green white heart funeral heart red white funeral mum pink white funeral nan red white funeral nan red white funeral red white grandad funeral red white heart funeral red white heart gates of heaven gates of heaven lilly pink gerbera coffin spray park bench flower funeral arrangement park bench flower funeral arrangement pink white funeral purple cream white coffin spray purple pink nan purple white coffin spray purple white funeral pillow red rose heart white dove white pink funeral nan chrysanth-letter-c-with-blue-flower-spray chrysanth-letter-n-with-blue-flower-spray chrysanth-letter-with-blue-and-green-spray chrysanth-letter-with-blue-flower-green-leaf-spray chrysanth-letter-with-red-rose-green-leaf-spray chrysanth-letter-with-red-rose-spray

If you require floristry for another occasion please visit our other site